It is all about climate, sustainability and a future for us all.

An extreme climate

 We live in times where everything seems to be put to the extreme, and we can no longer ignore the fact that there is a need for action calling us, all over the world.

Especially our environment needs a direct intervention, and luckily there is a lot that we can do.

Carbon oxide levels are higher than ever, and it creates a warmer climate. We are facing disastrous changes in our environment and nature if nothing is done immediately.

Planting trees is one of the most effective ways of reducing carbon oxide levels in our atmosphere. I have, for the past years, followed the climate debate closely, and I got the idea to the project, “Can I Plant a Tree in your Garden?”, in the summer of 2019.

An idea comes to life

The project had my own situation as a starting point.

I knew there was, and still is, a tremendous need to plant trees if we are to lower the carbon oxide levels in the atmosphere.

Living in Copenhagen, I had only a limited possibility of acting on that knowledge, and I got the idea to get help from garden-owners having the room for trees but for instance lacking the time, money or energy to plant them.

The idea evolved into a project where volunteers now sign up to plant trees in our event-weekends. They plant the trees in the gardens of volunteer garden-owners that have signed up in the weeks leading up to the event.

On the event-weekends we have the volunteers pairing up and going out on routes of between two and ten different gardens where they plant a tree.

It is entirely up to the garden-owners where they want the tree, but they can’t always decide what kind of tree that will be planted, as it depends on what trees we can get our hands on.

Where do we get the trees?

This is where other volunteers come into the picture, as we both need financial support to buy trees, and also need people to donate small trees that have planted themselves in places where they are not wanted.

Trees that would otherwise be removed and destroyed can be donated to us and in this way have a new home.

First of all, the project, “Can I Plant a Tree in your Garden”, is based on the event-weekends, but over time we hope to turn our Facebook group into a kind of exchange market for garden-owners where they can exchange trees and donate trees to other garden-owners.

We also hope for the project to become successful enough for nurseries

and other businesses to see a point in donating either money or trees.

You can donate to the project by MobilePay +45 29981466 or by bank transfer:

Registration no: 2104 Account no: 6290 284 641

If you wish to become a volunteer or have trees you wish to donate, please write me an email:

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Volunteers get a 50% discount on their first session.

Billederne herunder er tage på vores eventdage. Det har været dage med massere graven, massere grin og jord under neglene.

Vi glæder os til mange flere eventdage!

The pictures are from our event-weekends.

We have had amazing days with lots of digging, laughing and dirt under our nails.

We look forward to many more events!

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