Note: Circles are currently cancelled. You are welcome to book a private session instead. Book here or by phone 29981466

Circle of the Lifeforce

I invite you to join me for The Circle of the LifeForce that takes place approximately once a month. 

For further information and upcoming circles, read below.

The LifeForce, or the Divine Force, is flowing always and freely. Sharing the circle gives you the opportunity of realizing that you yourself are this Force, and that you are flowing freely as all there is. 

In the circle you can lean into the Force, and together we explore our Innermost Being and the possibilities that life brings.

It is a unique chance to devote yourself to the Light of God.

Doing so, we will use mantras and sing chants. You will be guided and helped to deal with whatever may show up along the way.

Often, we end the circle with a drum journey. A drum journey is a beautiful way to be taken deeper into the Light.

Normally, we begin at 6.45 pm, but please be here a few minutes earlier to get yourself ready before we start. 

We will finish at around 8.45 pm.

Your participation costs DKK 100.- and you will have to register to be secured a spot.

So please sign up by email: no later than the day before. 

Keep yourself updated on Facebook where the circle will be posted as an event about 2 weeks before it takes place. 

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