The road to freedom

The road to freedom

Simplified, you can say that the road to liberation goes through truth and forgiveness.

Truth is to be understood as a truth that you discover to be an underlying truth to the reality that you believed in. It is a truth bigger than anything. It is a truth that permeates everything and at the same time, is everything. 

When you discover that truth, you understand that all what you believed to be real, is nothing but illusion.

With that discovery you have to face all the ideas and concepts you formed about life, the world, yourself, spirituality and awakening.

You can do that with love and forgiveness.

Forgiveness is not to be understood as forgiving the other person for harming you, it is meant as a possibility for you to forgive yourself for having believed in limiting thoughts.

You forgive yourself for having believed in being less and for believing that you were not good or worthy enough. You forgive all your stories, until you have liberated your life.

The road is through truth and forgiveness, the goal is a liberated life.

Do you remember your true desire?

Right now is a perfect time to remember your true self and what you really are. See through the illusion that you need anything or want anything. Realize that you are everything you ever needed and that you have everything inside you.

I am a human being

When you awaken, God shows you who you are and you realize; I am God. But what happens when God shows you who God is? That is when you realize that you are not a human being, walking on earth as God. You are God walking on earth, as a human being.

Awakening – and then what?

A very high consciousness

Consciousness on this planet has never been higher. And so, the road less traveled is not as deserted as it used to be.

We actually live in a time where it is relatively easy to awaken to the realization that God is all there is and even to the deeper realization that I am God.

In most literature, awakening is where it ends – or there is not really a distinction between awakening and being enlightened. 

With so many people awakening at the moment it is important that we distinguish in order to make people aware that awakening is not the end of the journey and that there is still a lot of work to be done. 

You are not “home safe” because you awaken

Awaken and you are “home safe”. I’ve heard myself saying that several times not realizing that this is not until long after the first awakening that you are able to master your thoughts, your emotions, and life itself. Actually this is a never-ending process of refining your ability to live a life in freedom.

Many people today have huge openings where they realize their Innermost Nature. They know or believe in their hearts that they have had an awakening and now they do not understand why life is not as the literature has promised. 

This is because the realization is so much more accessible now than in previous times. 

We don’t have to sit for decades in caves, meditating and cultivating our egos, before the awakening happens.

The consciousness on the planet is so high that awakening happens in many people around the planet right now.

And now what?

Therefore many people are asking themselves now what? 

Am I enlightened now? What should I do with this awakening and why is it so far from all that I have red? 

At first the awakening is about your God realization. Awakening is realizing that God is all there is.

From that place you sink deeper and deeper into this realization until you fully realize that you are God. From there eventually you will become the temple in which God resides.  

The aftereffects of awakening

The journey from the awakening to the full realization or to the enlightenment, as some people like to call it, is a road much more busy than it was just a few years ago.

As awakening is accessible to many people, the need to understand the aftereffects of the awakening, and how it is all part of creating a new earth, is growing.

You are “not home safe” just because you awaken. Even the most awake person can fall asleep again, and you are never more awake than you are in the present moment.

The misunderstandings

There are some things that need to be understood. First of all, believing that “home safe” means never to feel pain is an illusion. You will feel everything with extreme intensity, and your job is to cultivate the ego so that you can live with that intensity without the attachments that are creating the deeper suffering. 

Believing that the ego will disappear is another and more adherent idea that we must realize not to be true.

The ego does not disappear when you awaken and it works in many ways, trying to veil you right back up. 

The ego will not accept it own defeat. And it will not tell you the truth. Telling you the truth would be revealing its own redundancy, which would be like putting the rope around its own neck. It is not willing to do so. 

The ego will not vanish just because you awaken. It will, on the other hand, need your attention and parenting more than ever.

Parenting the ego

It is important to understand that awakening is not the end of the journey. It is the beginning.

It is a beginning where we have to cultivate the ego and make sure that the new high awareness stay loving and kind. It is a beginning on a journey much deeper into Existence than ever possible before. 

I see small children in YouTube videos display extremely high awareness. They are children that seem to have been born wide-awake, like pure sages.  

But still, it is very important to remember that they are children. The need competent parenting, and they have a long journey in front of them before they become grown-ups.

 They can be resembled to the adult that just woke up, as it is the same work that has to be done. 

In the child it is the work of letting them grow-up into bright, fully awake, loving beings, that are highly resilient and extremely loving, that has to be done.

In the adult it is the ego that needs parenting. We must consider the ego to be like the small child. We must treat it in the same ways and help ourselves to grow-up and become responsible, loving people. 

The traps of the ego

You may very well be awake or have had deep openings and realizations, but if you let a child sit by the wheel in the bus that is you, it will not take you to the freedom that you so long for. More likely, you will end up as one of those people arguing with others, because they do not see you the way you want them to, and they do not acknowledge your awaken state. Or you think that you “have it” now, rejecting to learn from others and to see others as they are.

You may be more interested in having other people notice your specialness than in how to refine yourself, live a free life, and how to contribute to making the world a better place.

The challenge

The ego longs so deeply after being special that this is one of the biggest challenges you face when you have to find your own two feet after an awakening. Will you see through the illusion that you have to be someone or something special? Or will you start hunting after people’s attention? It can be very challenging. 

There are many other possibilities for the ego to deceive you, and it goes on until the ego is completely transcended. For some it takes decades after an awakening, and it can be very hard work too. 

As long as you can feel even a slight resistance to the possibility that no one ever finds out that you have awakened, not even your partner, you still have work to do. 

A new earth

The world does not need highly aware people with huge egos. The world needs highly aware people who understand what awakening is all about. People who aim at making the world a better place and have released the idea that they need to be famous or known because of their awakening. 

The world needs people who understand that they are here to be who they truly are. People who understand that they are here to live and express their unique calling of the heart. The world needs sages to form loving, ecofriendly communities, and who live their lives in freedom. 

Not as more than the other person, not as less. 

We are only here to serve.

Om Namah Shivaya 


Last Sunday I hosted The Circle of the LifeForce again.

It was a beautiful morning, and one participant commented on something that I had said earlier about how we most often suffer – not so much because of what is going on in our lives – but rather because of the stories we tell about it.

I had mentioned how the human mind has a unique trait that enables it to create its own suffering with its stories. 

I had explained how it is possible to go beyond the stories and access a space infinitely greater than the ordinary plane of life that most people call reality. 

In that infinite space, suffering ceases to exist. 

It does so because the stories die. It does so because we find out that we are one with The Divine Force, which is endless and greater than anything we have ever experienced before. 

When we drown in that realization the stories fall silent – at least for a while. 

For most people it takes several times of letting themselves drown in this infinite space before they are rid of the stories and can call themselves free.

But in the moment it actually does happen they are “freed from” and “free to”.

We are, for instance, “freed from” the stories of our limitations and “free to” live authentic lives, according to our heart’s longing. It is a gift we can all receive if we realize thepossibility that we are.  

The red shoes

Let us assume that a woman, who wore red shoes, once deserted you. She was the love of your life, and she stood you off. You never fully recovered from the loss.

Your best friend, on the other hand, has a mother who always wears red shoes. She is a very loving and caring woman, and she and your friend have a wonderful relationship. 

You and your friend are helping a common female friend picking shoes. She joyfully exits the changing room, wearing red shoes. 

Now, imagine your own reaction, remembering the loss of the love of your life, compared to your friend’s, remembering his loving mom.

The shoes themselves are just red shoes. No more, no less.

But the stories, which we carry around, determine our emotions in the different situations of life. 

Here, a reaction to red shoes, that you most likely do not like, but your friend with the loving mom finds perfectly fine.

Even though the example is simplified, it shows how we react in most situations in life. We react not to the situation itself, but to the story we tell about it. In that way the stories determine our emotional reactions and ultimately our lives. 


United with The Divine Force you realize that the stories are nothing but movements of the mind on the surface of an infinite ocean. 

You find out that reality is so much greater than the stories, and – most importantly – you let the stories go. 

When we repeatedly devote ourselves into The Divine Force, and when we let ourselves be flooded by The Consciousness, that in its essence is all there is, we are liberated.

A human being liberated from the mind is transcended. 

Because it can no longer tell itself that it is not …

Wishing all beings at all planes truth, forgiveness, liberation and transcendence.


The mind so really wants to think that it is something.
In a spiritual context it may be that the mind wants to be more enlightened than the other person.
Maybe it wants to be closer to God than the other person. Maybe the mind measures itself based on what and how much spiritual practice the other person is has.
There are many possibilities – and ditto questions. 
What retreats did you go to?
Where did you travel?
Do you meditate?
Do you practice yoga?
What teachers did you have?
The mind uses many parameters when it measures itself.
But to think that there is anything to measure is an illusion that can be understood on the basis of how a bonfire is burning. 
God is the fire that is burning. You and I are the sparks that are thrown from the fire. So who is more God? Who is closest to God? Does one spark have more value than the other?
God does not care about the stories you tell about yourself. To God there is only pure fire. No spark is more or less God.
When we measure ourselves and compete, it is nothing more than a pantomime on the surface of the mind’s limited reality. 
We are all one with God and thus each other. 
One fire burning inside all of us.
That fire cannot be divided.
That is our truth.
That is our ultimate freedom.