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Meeting the fear of sharing in English

A the top of the mountain I went to the top of the mountain to find myself in bliss. Oh, did I like it there. Having fought for so long to climb the narrow and rocky path, I felt a sweet victory as I sat and looked at the horizon.Not long did the rest last […]

When things become normal

As you awaken to the truth of what you really are, you will realize that you have been telling stories about yourself, others and the world around you. As that happens, you realize that things are becoming normal in a way that you can no longer distinguish between your latest retreats and going grocery shopping.

The road to freedom

The road to freedom Simplified, you can say that the road to liberation goes through truth and forgiveness. Truth is to be understood as a truth that you discover to be an underlying truth to the reality that you believed in. It is a truth bigger than anything. It is a truth that permeates everything […]

Do you remember your true desire?

Right now is a perfect time to remember your true self and what you really are. See through the illusion that you need anything or want anything. Realize that you are everything you ever needed and that you have everything inside you.

I am a human being

When you awaken, God shows you who you are and you realize; I am God. But what happens when God shows you who God is? That is when you realize that you are not a human being, walking on earth as God. You are God walking on earth, as a human being.