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When the mantra inside subsides

When the mantra subsides it is replaced by a stilness greater than God When the mantra subsides Nothing comes in its place When the mantra subsides you realize there is no path to the stillness within When the mantra subsides  you see what is true When the mantra subsides  you become the I am

Divine Creator

Divine Creator, my Beloved Friend.I am trembling inside. Your wings carry me beyond borders never crossed before.Spun by threads of love, wings so clear and delicate. A melody of grace. Never have I heard such a lovely sound.

What is spirituality?

Many people today are looking for a deeper truth than the one they have been raised to believe in.  More and more people sense that something is not right. There must be more to life than material goods … We search in all directions. But not everybody knows what they are searching for. What is the […]