Divine Creator

Divine Creator, my Beloved Friend.
I am trembling inside. 
Your wings carry me beyond borders never crossed before.
Spun by threads of love, 
wings so clear and delicate. 
A melody of grace. 
Never have I heard such a lovely sound.

You hold me tight 
as we pass the highest mountains 
and swim the darkest seas.
This path is new, yet known so well.  
Your song of love accompanies every step.
I stumble, 
but am caught as I fall.
I cry out, led by your call. 
Behind me I leave everything known.
So exalted and perfect in its form, 
this love that is You. 
The greatest Shaman the world has ever seen. 
You gave me life.  
And look: I am breathing.
You are the Great Dreamer, I awake inside Your dream. 
“Look”, You whisper. “See that the dream is in you.”
My beloved God, I have searched for so long. 
You called me home, as a disciple from ancient times. 
Finally I am here.
I was never away.

This post is also available in: Danish

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