I am offering sessions to support the spiritually seeking. These are meant for you who would appreciate a deeper understanding of your own being and for you who yearns for settingyourself free and live a life in accordance with your own Deepest Nature.

Common to all people is the fact that we tell stories about ourselves, about each other, the past and the future. Those are stories we identify ourselves by, and they have a huge influence on the way we interpret life.

If life seems to be cruel, it is because it reflects the negative stories we tell about it. On the other hand, our world can seem joyous, when we tell more positive stories about it. 

Often these negative stories create discomfort, eventually to an extent that makes people want to change their lives. 

To do so, many turn to therapeutic methods that are both effective and have helped a lot of people throughout time, but they are methods that aim at replacing the bad stories with good ones. 

When you come for a session here, the possibility for you is to be directed to a place that lies behind the stories.

When we tell stories about ourselves, we become dependent on outer circumstances. An example could be the story: “I am a skilled and fast working employee.” Such a story, as good at it may seem, can create huge stress if the workload, for some reason, escalates. 

Again and again, we will try to make the story true through working way past our limits, although we should have pulled the brake, and another person, without the same story, would probably have done so a long time ago.

By setting yourself free from these stories, you will get a much better chance to create the independent life you truly want. In the above example you would probably have had a much better chance at pulling the brake. The same way you will be able to handle situations in your life with much more ease when you do not identify yourselv with a specific story.

Who is the real you beneath the stories? What is the true longing of your soul? What is your deepest truth when you are not dependent on outer circumstances? What happens if you are rid of the stories you have made about life, what you ought to do, and what you have to do?

What is your soul’s Innermost Nature?

What stories have become physical symptoms in your body and blockings in the subtle bodies?

Until you have set yourself free from your mind, you cannot answer those questions.

As long as you are not able to listen to the longing of the soul, you suffer, one way or the other. 

When we do not follow our heart´s desires or fail to see clearly the Divinity that we are, we suffer. 

By realizing your Innermost Nature, you will, sooner or later, be healed from both your stories and physical symptoms. 

A session will typically be based on a conversation as well as what was revealed by looking at you clairvoyantly. You will receive healing – that is to be understood as an energy work – aimed at pointing you to your own Inner Self. If it is relevant, I will use the drum and other shaman tools to point you to your Essence.

Underneath it all, and shared with you throughout the session, is the Devine Consciousness.

It will be a space where you will be met as the soul you truly are and an opportunity for you to experience deeper, the Devine Consciousness, in order for you to realize what you really are. 

Sessions take place in the City center.

You can call me to arrange a session on +45 29981466, or you can write me an Email

I look forward to meeting you.

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