A journey into freedom

I have for the past more than 20 years worked with personal growth. Along the way I have been educated in the use of different therapeutic tools. I have become a spiritual teacher as well as a healer.

I have been searching all my life, but it wasn’t until I met my master, Johnny Tempeldal, that things fell into place, and I knew my search was over. Meeting the Master made me realize that what I had been searching for was the discovery of my own Innermost Nature.  

– What I am, and what everyone is.

Saying “yes” to the realization has also been a yes to discovering my own Divine Nature and by that, saying yes to seeing. 

I see reality from a totally different perspective than before, and it is by the realization that God is all there is that I live and experience life today. 

I see that life is magical and beautiful. It is a fairytale-like adventure that has come true.

I would like to guide other people into that fairytale, because seeing life as it really is, is a possibility that lies within each and everyone of us.  

A wish to share a direct experience 

Meeting Johnny Tempeldal totally changed my life.

Almost nothing is left of the life that was, and ahead of me lies the possibility to follow the deep calling of my heart.

It is a wish to share a direct, live experience of the Divine that holds the reason for this homepage. It was created with a wish to show others this possibility, using both sessions, circles and writings.

With a deep understanding of the mind and its resistances it is possible for me to point you very directly into a personal experience of the Light that you are – the Light that is everything there is.  

When we meet for a session or a circle I use my ability to see clearly, combined with conversation, shared awareness and healing.

Healing is to be understood as an energy work, through which you are shown into your soul’s Innermost Nature. When you recognize and live by your True Nature everything will fall into place, and you are eventually healed. 

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