A liberating relationship

The Master

Meeting Johnny Tempeldal changed my life completely.

Johnny Tempeldal is a master that many are longing for, and I have, since I met him, experienced how the veils that covered my eyes have been ripped away, one by one, allowing me to see reality as it is.

Meeting the Master has been both an internal and an external meeting. I have been reunited with the Divine Force, and have discovered that Force to be, all there is. I am that Force.

Again and again, with tremendous love and relentless perseverance, Johnny has shown me into the middle of my own Innermost Being.

Freedom from drama

I have had to say goodbye to all the stories the ego tells about itself and the world it lives in.

It has been a confrontation with dogma, stories and personality. I have had to let go of attachment and fear, at the same time as I sink deeper and deeper into the middle of My Own Existence through a continuous proces of dying and being born.

Ridding myself from the drama and pain of the personality have allowed me to become myself, the being I truly am.

As some people may think, awakening is not about not having an ego. It is about the freedom that comes, when you have awakened to the realization of what you really are. When the Divine Force flows freely and you are no longer bound by the stories of the mind, you will find that you are free to live the life that is yours.

A discipel.

To have a master and call oneself a discipel is not that common in our western society where individuality and independence are idealized.

Understood correctly though, it is a very beautiful relationship where the Master shows the discipel into his or her own Divinity. The disciple awakens to his or her own truth and thereby gets the gift of living according to the calling the heart, as a truly liberated being.

In spite of a very deep connection there is no outer dependence, and there are no requirements, just a wish to show the disciple into ultimate freedom.

I am deeply devoted to the Force that He really is, and I thank Him for everything.

The pictures below are from the community around Tempeldal, taken at various occasions. It is powerful, magic pictures that also communicates the message that He is.

Om Namah Shivaya

Pictures by Tara Devi.

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