wORDs of the heart

The diary.

As a child, I wanted to become a librarian and a writer.

As years went by the wish to become a librarian fainted, but the desire to write persisted. It was not until I met my master, Johnny Tempeldal, however that writing grew from a faint dream to reality. 

Already after our first encounter, I knew that I would write a diary, and that the diary would, one day, be published. 

Currently, I have started the first editing, and that work will continue over the next years. You can follow my progress with the book here, on my webpage, where you will also be able to read small extracts.

Extract from the book, Only God is.*


Yesterday was crazy. I am not sure I can even begin to describe what took place, and I will just have to write facts, as I can’t seem to get a hold of any thought or timeline.

Lina and I arrived shortly before it started and Johnny Tempeldal was already seated. He sat crosslegged on the floor with people sitting both on the floor and on chairs, standing by the walls of the small room. We entered and immediately I felt an extreme energy that vibrated throughout the room. 

Johnny sat with his head bent and didn’t really look at anybody.

I found that a bit strange.  

He started right away. The energy was extremely powerful and I felt as if the words, he spoke, penetrated both my body and heart.

None of what he said made any sense to my mind, but to my heart everything made completely sense.

At some point he started singing mantras. That was new to me, but strangely enough I could sing along. It was a new language and words I have never heard before still, I found myself singing along without problems. As long as I did not think and just opened my mouth, the words came. I was amazed by this experience. 

After we had meditated and sung mantras for a while, it was time for questions. I had raised my hand, when Johnny turned to me, and our eyes met for the first time.

It felt like a stroke of lightening. My whole body shook, and every cell vibrated.

Tears started pouring from my eyes. I cried and laughed at the same time. I was euphoric.

Countless memories of past times started to flow my mind, but

I don’t remember them anymore, as I was too occupied dealing with the things that went on in my body and so chocked to meet his eyes that I only registered it, as something that went on in the background. 

There I was. I was sitting, looking into the most wonderful eyes I have ever seen. I looked into the universe and directly into God. 

I tried to speak and managed to say something like, “wow that’s crazy as I react, what happened?”

“I recognize you too”, he replied and looked with his amazing eyes deeply into mine

I cried even harder. That was exactly what had happened. It was the deepest, most beautiful reunion that took place, and I was so overwhelmed with joy that I had to control myself not to run across the floor, and throw myself into his arms.

We sat with eye contact for a while. “Hi”, I whispered, with snot and tears all over my face. A massive transmission of information happened simultaneously from his eyes to mine. I did not understand it at the time and still do not. All I know is that my life and destiny is now sealed.

The rest of satsang is blurry to me. My system was overwhelmed by the energy transmitted by the eye contact and I found myself entering at state of deep longing. 

I do though remember that Johnny ended the satsang with a drum journey. I saw a lot of past lives and remembered ancient times by the fire, where he had used the drum, and I had participated in different ways.

*Changes in the text may occur, as editing proceeds.

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