Last Sunday I hosted The Circle of the LifeForce again.

It was a beautiful morning, and one participant commented on something that I had said earlier about how we most often suffer – not so much because of what is going on in our lives – but rather because of the stories we tell about it.

I had mentioned how the human mind has a unique trait that enables it to create its own suffering with its stories. 

I had explained how it is possible to go beyond the stories and access a space infinitely greater than the ordinary plane of life that most people call reality. 

In that infinite space, suffering ceases to exist. 

It does so because the stories die. It does so because we find out that we are one with The Divine Force, which is endless and greater than anything we have ever experienced before. 

When we drown in that realization the stories fall silent – at least for a while. 

For most people it takes several times of letting themselves drown in this infinite space before they are rid of the stories and can call themselves free.

But in the moment it actually does happen they are “freed from” and “free to”.

We are, for instance, “freed from” the stories of our limitations and “free to” live authentic lives, according to our heart’s longing. It is a gift we can all receive if we realize thepossibility that we are.  

The red shoes

Let us assume that a woman, who wore red shoes, once deserted you. She was the love of your life, and she stood you off. You never fully recovered from the loss.

Your best friend, on the other hand, has a mother who always wears red shoes. She is a very loving and caring woman, and she and your friend have a wonderful relationship. 

You and your friend are helping a common female friend picking shoes. She joyfully exits the changing room, wearing red shoes. 

Now, imagine your own reaction, remembering the loss of the love of your life, compared to your friend’s, remembering his loving mom.

The shoes themselves are just red shoes. No more, no less.

But the stories, which we carry around, determine our emotions in the different situations of life. 

Here, a reaction to red shoes, that you most likely do not like, but your friend with the loving mom finds perfectly fine.

Even though the example is simplified, it shows how we react in most situations in life. We react not to the situation itself, but to the story we tell about it. In that way the stories determine our emotional reactions and ultimately our lives. 


United with The Divine Force you realize that the stories are nothing but movements of the mind on the surface of an infinite ocean. 

You find out that reality is so much greater than the stories, and – most importantly – you let the stories go. 

When we repeatedly devote ourselves into The Divine Force, and when we let ourselves be flooded by The Consciousness, that in its essence is all there is, we are liberated.

A human being liberated from the mind is transcended. 

Because it can no longer tell itself that it is not …

Wishing all beings at all planes truth, forgiveness, liberation and transcendence.


The mind so really wants to think that it is something.
In a spiritual context it may be that the mind wants to be more enlightened than the other person.
Maybe it wants to be closer to God than the other person. Maybe the mind measures itself based on what and how much spiritual practice the other person is has.
There are many possibilities – and ditto questions. 
What retreats did you go to?
Where did you travel?
Do you meditate?
Do you practice yoga?
What teachers did you have?
The mind uses many parameters when it measures itself.
But to think that there is anything to measure is an illusion that can be understood on the basis of how a bonfire is burning. 
God is the fire that is burning. You and I are the sparks that are thrown from the fire. So who is more God? Who is closest to God? Does one spark have more value than the other?
God does not care about the stories you tell about yourself. To God there is only pure fire. No spark is more or less God.
When we measure ourselves and compete, it is nothing more than a pantomime on the surface of the mind’s limited reality. 
We are all one with God and thus each other. 
One fire burning inside all of us.
That fire cannot be divided.
That is our truth.
That is our ultimate freedom. 

The Book of God

God is a book in which life is written. God is the one writing the book and the one inside whom the book is created.
God is the Great Dreamer, the writer of existence itself.
God is before anything else, even before God Himself. 
God is always accessible, an open book to anyone who wants to read.
God’s depth is infinite.
Only the mind thinks that it understands.
As with any other book, you read the text and think that you understand.
But you do not know the base of the writer. You do not know how the book was created.
The abyss, in which the words are formed, is infinite. You can only comprehend from your own point of view.   
Still, you are called to go deeper. You wish to see. Who is writing the book and from where did it come?
Without reservation, God gives Himself to you in every moment. 
Look, read! See the story beneath what is written. Look beyond the words.
Then a new story emerges, permeating all life.
You start to read the unwritten, what was hidden when you took your first glance.
Beneath the book’s simple appearance, the soul of the writher is buried deeply, behind every word. 
You access the one writing and find that you never understood.
You understand that the words can never expose His inner being, only can you, the reader, try to look beyond.
When you look in there, behind the word, to the abyss of the writer’s heart, you start to sense His voice, His soul, His wishes, and dreams.
In the same way, you have to realize that all you thought you knew disappears into God as you read.
You meet the Writer and think that you finally know.
Just to find out that He is also just a character in God’s sole dream. 

The joy of being

What happens when you set yourself free from the conditional thinking and become present?

Video: Suffering

Today I would like to share a personal story on suffering.

There is an extreme amount of suffering in the world, and it can be hard to understand why.

To answer the question of why, we have to accept that our minds can never tell us the truth. 

It is by realizingthis completely that you are set free of the suffering.