The mind so really wants to think that it is something.
In a spiritual context it may be that the mind wants to be more enlightened than the other person.
Maybe it wants to be closer to God than the other person. Maybe the mind measures itself based on what and how much spiritual practice the other person is doing.

There are many possibilities – and ditto questions. 
What retreats did you go to?
Where did you travel?
Do you meditate?
Do you practice yoga?
What teachers did you have?

The mind uses many parameters when it measures itself.
But to think that there is anything to measure is an illusion that can be understood on the basis of how a bonfire is burning. 
God is the fire that is burning. You and I are the sparks that are thrown from the fire. So who is more God? Who is closest to God? Does one spark have more value than the other?
God does not care about the stories you tell about yourself. To God there is only pure fire. No spark is more or less God.
When we measure ourselves and compete, it is nothing more than a pantomime on the surface of the mind’s limited reality. 

We are all one with God and thus each other. 
One fire burning inside all of us.
That fire cannot be divided.
That is our truth.
That is our ultimate freedom.

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