What is spirituality?

Many people today are looking for a deeper truth than the one they have been raised to believe in. 

More and more people sense that something is not right. There must be more to life than material goods …

We search in all directions.

But not everybody knows what they are searching for. What is the impelling force for the search? Why do we want to be spiritual, and do we even understand what spirituality is? 

If you ask a Native Indian, a Catholic, and a Hindu you will probably find that spirituality can be understood in many different ways.

In our Western society, the word “spirituality” is mainly used when people want to describe a way of understanding life that acknowledges a God or Divine Force. These people are not necessarily part of an established religion, though. 

But what is spirituality in reality?

The truth is that it is one of those words that end up being nothing at all. 

We understand spirituality individually and based on our personal backgrounds and beliefsystems. What we have experienced, and what we have learnt will shape our way of understanding spirituality, but as you look closer at the word, you will find that you can only label it with other words. 

Spirituality becomes the box into which we put our different understandings.

Spirituality is nothing on its own; it is only an idea that we have formed about it.

That does not stop us, though, from using the word, or calling ourselves spiritual individuals,nor does it stop us from striving to achieve something we think that the word means.

We even compete with each other, measuring ourselves – who is the most spiritual one of us? 

One day I met a person who wanted to underline the importance of her opinion with the argumentation that she had had at least five Kundhalini awakenings …

Something is misunderstood.

Something is overlooked.

When we think spirituality is something to be achieved, we loose something essential.

Spirituality is not a hobby; spirituality is not something that you can accomplish the same way as an education or a job that you excel at.

Spirituality is to open yourself up.

Spirituality is to say deeply “yes” to your Innermost Self. “Yes, show me the truth about who and what I really am.”

From there everything will unfold. 

You are the Light of God. You are the Force of God which will unfold as the heart longs enough to open.

The Divine Force is not a dead thing that you can collect or add to your curriculum.  

The Divine Force is a true, conscious, living force that flows through everything.  

It is our Devine Creator.

It is the Force in which everything exists; as it, through it, and permeated by it. 

The Force is alive and conscious of every cell of its own being.

It is only our minds that experience the self as separated from God. It is only your own mind that tells stories about “you” and the other.

When you open to The Divine Creator, you will get a response. 

A living fire is burning inside all humans, and fed by our “yes,” it will only be a matter of time before everything dissolves into an ocean of fire, permeating everything and, over time, creating complete clarity.

You cannot separate yourself from that Fire. You are not anything other than that.  

Realizing that, you see how little sense it makes, collecting spiritual trophies. You see the illusions clearly, and you see who you really are. You walk away from dogma and the stories about “me”. You are born as the clear Light that you truly are. 

“Enlightenment”: The word is shrouded by so much illusion that no one is able to navigate. 

The Ego wants the title and the appreciation for having achieved something. But it is an illusion. The word is worn out and the stories are countless. 

Enlightenment is nothing but Consciousness. When you wake up to your own Innermost Essence, to your own Inner Light, you are ignited by the Light of God. You become Enlightened.  

The Ego is devastated because what use does it have of such a simple truth?

There are no titles or labels to enhance its identity. 

Only God is there.

The soul is relieved because it has no deeper wish than the realization of its own Innermost Truth.

The being is free. 

Free to live the calling of the heart. Free to live its own truth. Liberated and able to be the unique creature that it is in a magical world of just being. 

The illusion of spirituality is released, and life can live itself.

Wishing all beings at all planes truth, forgiveness, liberation and transcendence.

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