The road to freedom

The road to freedom

Simplified, you can say that the road to liberation goes through truth and forgiveness.

Truth is to be understood as a truth that you discover to be an underlying truth to the reality that you believed in. It is a truth bigger than anything. It is a truth that permeates everything and at the same time, is everything. 

When you discover that truth, you understand that all what you believed to be real, is nothing but illusion.

With that discovery you have to face all the ideas and concepts you formed about life, the world, yourself, spirituality and awakening.

You can do that with love and forgiveness.

Forgiveness is not to be understood as forgiving the other person for harming you, it is meant as a possibility for you to forgive yourself for having believed in limiting thoughts.

You forgive yourself for having believed in being less and for believing that you were not good or worthy enough. You forgive all your stories, until you have liberated your life.

The road is through truth and forgiveness, the goal is a liberated life.

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