Awakening – and then what?

A very high consciousness

Consciousness on this planet has never been higher. And so, the road less traveled is not as deserted as it used to be.

We actually live in a time where it is relatively easy to awaken to the realization that God is all there is and even to the deeper realization that I am God.

In most literature, awakening is where it ends – or there is not really a distinction between awakening and being enlightened. 

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Last Sunday I hosted The Circle of the LifeForce again.

It was a beautiful morning, and one participant commented on something that I had said earlier about how we most often suffer – not so much because of what is going on in our lives – but rather because of the stories we tell about it.

I had mentioned how the human mind has a unique trait that enables it to create its own suffering with its stories. 

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The mind so really wants to think that it is something.
In a spiritual context it may be that the mind wants to be more enlightened than the other person.
Maybe it wants to be closer to God than the other person. Maybe the mind measures itself based on what and how much spiritual practice the other person is doing.

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The Book of God

God is a book in which life is written. God is the one writing the book and the one inside whom the book is created.
God is the Great Dreamer, the writer of existence itself.
God is before anything else, even before God Himself. 
God is always accessible, an open book to anyone who wants to read.
God’s depth is infinite.
Only the mind thinks that it understands.

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The joy of being

What happens when you set yourself free from the conditional thinking and become present?

Video: Suffering

Today I would like to share a personal story on suffering.

There is an extreme amount of suffering in the world, and it can be hard to understand why.

To answer the question of why, we have to accept that our minds can never tell us the truth. 

It is by realizingthis completely that you are set free of the suffering.